Lokki - I Catch You

Hello, We Are: The Guard-ians. It’s Monday morning for me and everyone at the water cooler is undoubtedly talking Grammys. But if you don’t mind, I’d rather skip all that between us -- there’s only so much I can say about Bruno Mars.

Let’s instead look forward to the ever developing music scene. We’ve got a romantically wistful song today from a mysterious London artist that will have you all choked up like Kesha did on Sunday night. Listen to new, emerging artist Lokki’s single, “I Catch You” below.



“I Catch You” is a peaceful, sentimental ballad to dedicate to any romantic partners that you’ve been seeing for a minimum of six months (this part is important!). The vocals are extraordinarily complementary to the arrangement, and the song seems suited for a Valentine’s Day mixtape. Just couple it with some chocolate strawberries or a candle-lit massage and you’re good to go. #BestBoyfriendEver.

Or else, “I Catch You” carries just enough melancholy in its melody to imagine it smack-dab in the middle of an indie flick, wedged between the scene of a harrowing argument, and the uplifting conclusion where guy gets girl after all, and they live decently ever after.

Either way, “I Catch You” is a satisfying debut single.

Though personal details are still quite scarce, we’ll be sure to keep tabs on Lokki. For now, sit tight and wait with bated breath for Lokki’s debut EP, Cirrhi, out later this year.

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