Loma - Black Willow

Thanksgiving is almost upon us here at We Are: The Guard, and the chill we feel is probably due to the drop in the thermometer and the debut release from Loma called “Black Willow.”



spotify Gone are the days of Cross Record, but Loma emerged from the ashes forging a relationship that seems stronger than ever. Formed with Dan Duszynski and Emily Cross from Cross Record and Jonathan Meiberg from Shearwater, Loma is a project with titanic ambitions with a debut album waiting in the wings. The trio met through a tour in 2016 and have since gave birth to the first release off of that debut, which comes in the form of “Black Willow.”

Loma's “Black Willow” is strangely chilling with its chant-like vocal delivery of Cross and Meiberg. The instrumentals provide the simple dressing and pulls the entire song together with effortless piano play and acoustic accouterments. Still, it causes the goosebumps to rise from your skin due to that eerie duet and the creepy of that piano. Honestly, the experimental and odd nature of “Black Willow” isn't for everyone. Enveloped in dread and murkiness, there are moments of bright shining through those shadows. Word of advice: don't use this Loma tune as an ice breaker.