That didn’t take long. Right after reviewing their first single of the year here at We Are: The Guard earlier this month, LOYAL drops their newest track, "Tower Over All." The UK-based group has retained all the magic from their earlier singles by creating tunes that blends multiple genres into sheer listening pleasure.



Unlike their last single, "Moving As One," "Tower Over All" gets to that climax much quicker without much hesitation. Despite not having the grandeur, the sound is unmistakably confident and features an enjoyable mix of electronic, pop, and indie rock. The band's usage of multiple layers, including haunting vocals with minimal guitar and bass until the climatic last third of the song, appears to be their patented recipe. Make it until the end, and you are treated to subtle funk and psychedelic stylings dreamt up by the band. The balance produces a sound that is extremely euphonious and relaxing without becoming boring or stale.

The resulting product is one that exudes the essence of relaxation, reserved within the confines of the mellowest lounges. Think Klonopin with a nice cup of chamomile tea for winding down from daily stresses. If you want loud and aggressive, go elsewhere. This is the chilliest of chill music.

The difficulty lies in trying to place this group into a set genre, because they apply a little bit of everything into their music. This is a great thing, as their releases are highly enjoyable while exhibiting the vastness of the band’s musical prowess and aptitude for creating pieces that stimulate the tympanic membranes without overloading or overdoing. It is hard not to recommend their works.