Nilüfer Yanya - Baby Luv

At the age of 22, London artist Nilüfer Yanya has already gotten Pitchfork nods and was recently enlisted to open up for acclaimed indie comrades the xx. One listen to her summer single, “Golden Cage,” reveals the reason for all the hype: Yanya’s got an ear for some sophisticated pop music.

It’s been just three months since Yanya’s put out her new EP Plant Feed, but the lady is still grinding. Her new track, “Baby Luv,” was released last week and while broodier than her past efforts in comparison, the song showcases a boastful versatility. Check it out below.



soundcloud “Baby Luv” sets itself apart with its austere premise; it’s just Yanya and her guitar, basically. Its aesthetic lands somewhere between a whimsical take on late ‘90s rock, and a page out of Feist’s book, post-Pleasure (I mean, just listen to those fuzzy chords).

Yanya meanwhile takes full reign of “Baby Luv,” singing like someone unluckily wise beyond her years. The melody to her voice is a natural display of her talent, and she oozes an electric coyness about her, despite the somewhat moody material.

“Baby Luv” is a step in a different direction; where once was a poppy air to her music are now riffs that can fit in a post-indie rock tune. “Golden Cage” or “Baby Luv”? Honestly, both are equally as striking.

It’d be a mistake not to expect big things from Nilüfer Yanya in the next year or so. Take a listen to her latest EP Plant Feed on her Soundcloud and stay tuned