NVDES - Don't Fvck Your Neighbor

Mysterious Los Angeles based artist (or band? maybe?) NVDES is here to bring us their infectious new single, “Don’t Fvck Your Neighbor,” (and to remind us that replacing the letter “U” with a “V” really does make words look cooler).

The track instantly hits you with an energetic blast of hazy electronic guitars and slightly distorted vocals singing “we had a nice time fooling around/ I had a nice time/ a nice time.” The percussion changes things up after about one minute in, before the vocals and electronics slowly start to melt into what sounds like a drug-induced groovy whirlwind. “Don't care how many steps that you take as long as you walk away from me/ don't care how many steps that you take as long as you walk away from me,” he repeats as everything become increasingly warped after the 3 minute mark, tricking you into thinking you’re just about to hit the end. But first, things get funkier with horns and groove-inducing bass lines before officially ending the track at the 3:48 mark.

“Don’t Fvck Your Neighbor” is off of the album Life With Lobsters and it’s out now!

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