You ever meet someone so devastatingly charismatic, it’s like blindly staring into the sun? Well, everyone -- We Are: The Guard want you to meet our new crush, Ashe: a songwriter from good-vibes, summery San Diego whose mission, it seems, is to get you idly ad-libbing alongside her to the tune of her infectious tracks. Check out “Used To It,” the catchiest pop song you’ll find this week. I’m warning you...



youtube“Used To It” is genuine summer music at its finest. The track bubbles like seafoam from the get-go, with Ashe humming the intro to her song in her effortless, nearly angelic voice. Ashe sings like she’s got no problems; like it’s a Sunday morning and she’s found a gang of forest creatures ready to run her errands. That charisma I mentioned earlier? It’s stamped across her siren vocals throughout the track, and her ad-libbed “la”’s that follow the chorus will be stuck in your head for days.

All of these praises for her singing should be doubled given the content of the track; Ashe is finding herself in a situation, y’all, and I’m not having it. “We can make it feel right again / like before we were used to it.” Trying to overcome a slump in a relationship is a buzzkill, I totally feel her. But if Ashe’s boo can actually resist the power of her sweet, enchanting vocals, then I have no hope for this world.

Ashe is going on tour later this year and no doubt there are new tracks coming our way. Prepare to fall in love over and over again with her on her Soundcloud.