Emma Jensen has arrived. The Norwegian producer and artist thoughtfully brings an intriguing mix of genres on “Closer.” If you read the lyrics alone, it sounds like a basic ballad about love lost—that kind of love that you know is wrong, but you so desperately want to hold on to. The kind that so many artists have already sung about, but there is something different about what we hear from Jensen.



It begins like a slow dance before throwing in a blues guitar solo moment and then returns to teetering synths below a sweet voice. And finding out that Emma began this particular ballad by putting a piano reverb in reverse, makes us want to give it another listen. This woman is already capable of experimenting without fear, mastering and producing with precision, all while making catchy enough verses—and she’s just getting started.

We can tell she hasn’t quite peaked yet, which should be taken as complimentary. If someone can sing that beautifully, orchestrate that well, and then make it sound as pristine as this and she is only beginning, then we know she is only going to get better and better. It is far too early to call her the next Grimes, but being so multi-talented and unafraid, it is definitely a possibility.