Fanny Anderson has got quite the catchy new single on her hands. "Kids" is the newest (first?) single from this Oslo native. What is it about Norway? Beautiful women making amazing dance-pop music? Is there something in the water? Something about the fjords? I don’t even really care why, 'cause all the way in on it. Fanny Anderson has got some of that Norwegian magic and I want more! 



Who doesn’t wish they were a kid again? And I’m not talking about baby goat, either. (I mean obviously we all want to be baby goats… but that’s just not realistic.) I’m talking about shorter humans. You know the little ones… without anxiety or jobs or responsibility or cares in the world beyond Ninja Turtle action figures. “We didn’t know shit back then…I wish I was a kid again…when things were fun.” This song is probably just hitting me right at the perfect time because I just spent the weekend in the desert with 300 of my friends running around care free, scraping my knees and climbing on shit and howling at the moon and it really felt like I was eight again— except with a wife and now I’m a lot better at having fun. Maybe you just need to cut loose in the desert, Fanny? Of course this song doesn’t sound as sad and hopeless as its lyrical content lets on. With its bubbly, funky beat from production duo Skinny Days, it sounds hopeful, like Fanny had one of these weekends herself and is coming to reality and longing for the freedom we’re able to find in the moment but not in our everyday. Don’t worry Fanny, with a hit like this— I’m sure you’ll have plenty more.


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