Someone has undoubtedly come up to you, for an unknown reason, to be an unsolicited critic—to judge you. Sometimes people can be mean for no reason at all. It’s why you see those PSAs throughout media and it’s what inspired Sälen’s new track, “Pretty, Fake.”



“Pretty, Fake” drips with self-assurance from the very first words: “I’m sorry, but did say I’m pretty fake? / Or pretty and fake?” The frontwoman, Ellie Kampio, hits back at an anonymous hater. Her bandmates supply the instrumentals to match her verbal punches with thumps that wildly echo. Besides being the perfect jam to blast on your speakers, this song is smart and funny social commentary. They’re basically telling their listeners that your own self-knowledge is the only advice you need. We all could use that reminder every once in a while.

This isn’t the first time Sälen has used their art as a platform for truth, but they do have an addition to their army of straight talkers—fellow east Londoner, Daniel OG. The rapper’s most memorable line is, “Loose lips suck dicks.” A bit crude, but again, he’s only speaking his truth and isn’t that what they’re all preaching? All in all, they’re the kind of crew that We Are: The Guard imagine we’d love being friends with as much as we love hearing them perform.