Even though we're waiting for June gloom to clear for summer, it's never too late to remember those romantic winter months. "Cold" by Maroon 5 and Future is catchy, but it has a repetitive and slow beat. It's a pretty uniform pop song, that happens to embrace hip hop, about a lover acting distant. However, when Snow Culture takes on the song, it becomes something new entirely. Dare, we say it's even better than the original?



There is something far moodier about Snow Culture's version, easily matching the subject matter. The melody trickles like water, courtesy of producer Oskar Sikow. The other half of the Swedish duo is Ana Diaz, who provides the vocals. Her voice is far away, sounding solemn and mysterious. Where Levine seems a bit dismissive in his rendition, Diaz is mournful as she sings, "Cold enough to chill my bones/ It feels like I don't know you anymore / I don't understand why you're so cold to me." She and Sikow also opt out of a rapper's verse, which feels a bit misplaced when we listen to Maroon 5's offering.

Snow Culture's tone, strewn with dark synths and brooding attitude, is an obvious addition for Neon Gold Records, who also houses artists like Christine and the Queens and Tove Lo. They're just now on the rise, but we envision the pair being just as successful as their fellow Neon Gold peers.