We Are: The Guard loves music of all kinds from around the world, but we gladly return home for this review. Rising from the shadows of Kylie Jenner, the American pop-trio Terror Jr is making a name for themselves with their newest drop, "Appreciation."



When Terror Jr released their first single, "3 Strikes," through a Kylie Jenner commercial, there was speculation that she was the mysterious face and voice behind the new group. Jenner denied being a part of the synth-pop trio through social media. The vocals are provided by faceless wonder, Lisa Terror. Lisa, along with Felix Snow and David “Campa” Benjamin Singer-Vine, have gone near a calendar year without showing their faces, so no one really knows how they look like, but has provided the public with some scintillating pieces of electronic candy, sweet and delicious all the way down.

After a steady dose of track releases, including finally charting with Come First, Terror Jr’s "Appreciation" is the second song off their album, Bop City: 2 TerroRising. The instrumental is saturated with standard electropop flavor, while the vocals are heavily-processed and robotic-like. As the song progresses through its 3-minute runtime, the grim reality of "Appreciation" is a world set in vapid consumerism and the need for sexual companionship, but everything works so well to create such an addictive sound that all negativity is forgotten. Much like their anonymous faces, Terror Jr wants their music to do the talking. With or without Jenner, the trio is already dropping fire since their formulation and seems primed to continue that trend for the foreseeable future.