Tsar B - Golddigger

“Tricks don’t work on me,” Belgian enchantress and singer Tsar B threatens in her new single, “Golddigger.” And I’m inclined to believe her. In “Golddigger,” Tsar B conjures up a dark, mystical melody, and debuts a large, witchy performance for the books. Is this how Belgium makes alternative pop? Whatever’s brewing in the water over there, We Are: The Guard are head over heels regardless.



The aesthetic is strong in this one, and I’ve been having fun listing all the comparisons I can make. Mix Banks’ brooding R&B melodies with Trent Reznor’s resentment that he channels through every one of his projects, and you’ll start to scratch the surface of what Tsar B offers in her music. The Belgian singer’s got vocal range, and I just don’t mean that in the literal sense. Tsar B can go from a sweet, angelic high octave to a low, borderline-growl, with a finesse for emoting coyness to full-fledged cockiness; the brief, playful “heh!” squeezed into both verses might be the most charming thing in the whole track.

And yeah, let’s get to the track. The lurching ambience that skitters across the song alongside the booming drums makes for some great witch pop, but “Golddigger” first and foremost is sexy as hell. I’ve never considered meshing middle-eastern vibes with almost darkwave-like sounds, but this song makes me think we’ve got a new genre over here. “Golddigger” can easily fit into an Underworld film, Vampire Diaries… Hell, with a mysterious, near villainous air about her, Tsar B can probably star in those franchises as well. Try her, golddiggers.

(I suggest you don’t, though.)

Tsar B’s debut EP came out last year, but with “Golddigger” now out, expect more from this rising, dark force in 2017.