XYLØ, the brother-sister duo of Chase and Paige Duddy are the Norwegian-influenced electro-pop We Are: The Guard have been waiting for. School of Seven Bells were too dark and brooding, you say? You want something more poppy and upbeat but with the same look? Well now you’ve got it! XYLØ is crushing every track on their Soundcloud with sultry vocals, surprising hooks and tippy-top-notch production. Where did they come from? Well Los Angeles of course, where every artist this refined and dialed in seems to come from! Part of the great electro-pop renaissance we are blessed to live in every day.



But if they’re from LA, why am I talking about Norway? You’re still hung up at the Norway mention at the beginning of this article? Get over it! Well for one the ‘Ø’ in their name is exclusive to the Danish and Norwegian written alphabet and their whole brooding looks visual motif they’ve got rattles up the imagery of long dark winters chain smoking in all black as they leave some nameless club in Oslo. Plus their electronic influences all seem to be from that area anyways. (See: Royksopp, Lemaitre, and even dipping into the bubble gum trap future of Cashmere Cat on the “drop” of this track.) I have to wonder if they took a semester abroad at the fjords of Njorway and came home changed siblings. If not they should probably take a trip and see what the country their name appears to be from is all about.  

Without digging for more information, I would have bet anybody willing that these two were a couple. I still have $20 on it and I know better. Maybe it’s the sexual tension of the lyrical content or maybe it’s just that they’re both sexy as hell, who knows. But they are not! They are siblings! That must be a tribute to their art. "I Still Wait for You" is a song that oozes so much sexuality you are forced to move past pre-conceived notions about family. Musical talent is the only deep soulful connection these two share. Well, other than holidays and family road trips. Though, I’d love to hear their demo tapes back together in their awkward high school phase. I bet they both loved the Cure.


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