Best New Indie Pop

The Guard has you covered against all not so great songs, with amazing benefits including the latest and best indie pop tunes that will make you stronger, faster, better. Check out these ten new indie pop songs from ten talented indie artists including DENM, Joe Mason, Melanie Martinez, and more. Time to crank the volume up and enjoy the sweetness below.
In this week’s playlist we cover pretty much every genre. Take a break from what you got going on and enjoy the sweet tunes coming from Kero Kero Bonito, Cazzette, Hippie Sabotage, and a bunch more. Enjoy and don’t be shy about sharing these tracks with your peeps.
Life must continue and the music should keep playing and as Prince once sang, Everybody's got a bomb / We could all die any day / But before / I'll let that happen / I'll dance my life away. So let’s dance away to music from Vanic, Lido, Bibi Bourelly, and more.
Put on your headphones and switch off from the gossip, the beef and the drama with the following best indie tracks from The Chemical Brothers, MUTEMATH, Father John Misty and more!
Kenzie May, the 24 year old songstress, has kept a low profile since her debut Skeleton Key EP, but she emerged just before Christmas with a gorgeous follow-up, the spellbinding single, Honey.
Just before Halloween Miike Snow released their first single in 3 years, Heart is Full, a wonderful, straight forward pop song by the avant-pop trio’s standards. Apparently they left all the weird for the music video.
While most readers are new to BROADHURST’s sound, it’s guaranteed that his style will win you over as he did with us. Enjoy the flawless track below and get ready to feel emotions that you’ve never felt before.
We’ve got two stories for the price of one for you today readers! The first is about Panic! At The Disco's fantastic new single, Victorious. The other is about the band’s lead singer hating a slightly older single.
I’m not sure if it’s the season change or Mercury interfering with Earth but the indie artists that I am about to go over with you have been fire. Check out Twenty One Pilots, Transviolet, Great Good Fine Ok and more!
The indie artists featured in today’s Best Indie Pop Songs capture the summer vibes that we wish would stick around. Enjoy the latest offerings from The Knocks, Hayley Kiyoko, Oh Be Clever and more.
Today’s featured indie pop artists include Metric, Kero Kero Bonito, Bipolar Sunshine and more. We hope you like our picks just as much as we enjoyed sharing them with you.
When I heard this hot indie chick by the name of Liz I knew right there and then she needed to be on this playlist, followed by Ohio’s favorite alt rock duo Twenty One Pilots and spot for Silience.