Best New Indie Pop

LA-based duo courtship. has just released their newest single, Tell Me Tell Me, to help acclimate the masses to upcoming chill in the earlier evenings. Will it make it to your playlists?
Whether you’re looking to stay on top of the music discovery game or just looking for something to add to your collection, we make it easy for you to find new indie pop music faster. Simply scroll through the goodies below and hit play.
Norwegian singer ARY has released her brand new single, Already There, through Petroleum Records, and it’s so good that it’s already got its stamp of approval from Elton John.
Nearly three month prior on We Are The Guard, I presented Terror Jr's Appreciation to rave reviews, and their first track off their final volume of their Bop trilogy named Holding Your Tongue appears primed to repeat their prior successes.
Pop just sounds good, no matter who you are or where you come from or what your mood. Pheobe Ryan's music exemplifies pop music in that no one can deny how catchy her music has been. Now, Ryan is back with a new single called Be Real and it's about as shimmery as a spinning disco ball.
We Are The Guard is glad that the heat has finally broke in Los Angeles, but the hits are still coming hot and heavy, especially with Bodies, the newest track from Australian singer/songwriter Wafia. Is it worth your time or not? Let's dive right in.
We are back once again with a new list of the hottest indie pop songs. You won’t find them on the radio, but the artists presented today show us their best as they dominate the genre and give us all something to talk about, or in this case something to sing along to.
Is wanting a bit of everything really that toxic? Ask LA singer Evalyn and she’ll agree with me: F*ck no. Listen to her aspiring, middle-fingers-up anthem Cherry Lambo below, and you’ll see.
Drake & Rihanna’s Too Good was so inescapable in 2016 that I found it difficult to believe that I could barely remember who the original was by. I was so deeply engrossed in this cover from Jo&Me that my mind completely forgot about Rihanna and Drake.