Best New Indie Pop

I'm going to slap your little hipster ears with our definition of savory pop tunes. Join us now for the best in PopSmut on our indie pop blog from The Guard. FOMO?
You can always count on The Guard to deliver shameless and intoxicating melodies of best indie pop, alternative pop, and indie alt hip hop each and every week.
The pickings for fantastic alternative pop, indie pop, hip hop worthy music were slim this week, but The Guard has pulled out the best tracks the blogosphere has to offer.
Check out the best indie pop tracks of the week from Cold War Kids, Banks, RDGLDGRN and more. Pop you say? Yes, well it's OUR kind of pop...judge our 10 favs!
Don't miss this week's picks for the top pop songs that don't suck! Hudson Taylor, Chloe Howl, The Ceremonies, and more new tracks are here for your listening pleasure!