Best New Indie Pop

How much convincing do you need before you finally figure out that our kind of pop doesn't suck? Listen now to 10 new songs we've prepped just for you. Don't miss out!
I can't predict who our next president will be. The good news is that I can tell you with clear certainty who made it onto this week's Best of PopKiller.
The Guard says whatevs to the Billboard Hot 100 and instead brings you OUR version of the best new pop songs of the week from Macklemore, A.Chal, Touche, P.O.S. and more!
Welcome to LA Music Blog The Guard's Best Pop Tracks of the Week! Head on down for the hottest cuts, mashes and mixes of the past week. Check it out and hear the best.
So while Justin Bieber was busy puking ALL OVER the pop industry, LA Music Blog The Guard were filtering through the blogosphere to bring you THE BEST alt pop of the week!