Best New Indie Pop

When I was fifteen I definitely wasn’t as remotely cool as Lewis Blissett. I was playing Dungeons and Dragons, eating waffles and fighting monsters from other dimensions (no, wait, that’s the Stranger Things kids) (...)
There can be something so simple in a powerful song. A message transposed across radio waves (or cellular towers), captured in rhythm, beat and lyric. Today We Are: The Guard has the pleasure of bringing you a look at Overcoats’ “The Fool,” (...)
This era (2019) will be officially known as the time of electro-tinged depression pop. I’m so unequivocally sure of this that we’ve officially trademarked the phrase. Electro-tinged depression pop. You can just trademark something by (...)
Like a true diva, Summer is closing with a bang and it seems that the indie-pop music genre decided to tear a page from summer’s playbook because it’s flaming. Yes! This week’s Best Pop Playlist is filled with bangers that will temporarily (...)
Pop singer Leon Else details love's escapist tendencies on "Easy Love." When you hear the phrase "love song," you might imagine a Disney medley, full of soaring strings and cartoon birds. Or maybe a Taylor Swift-style pop banger, full (...)
The hottest thing about the MTV VMA’s was the actual temperature and of course Missy Elliot. But that’s not a surprise now is it?! I mean, did you even watch? Of course you did … you probably had it on in the background (...)
All you The 1975 fans and soon to be fans can rejoice because a brand new wig snatching punk rock single has been released. As a heads up to you all, in case you’ve felt like music has been somewhat of a snooze (...)
Technically speaking, we have about a month left of summer ‘19 but songwriter and artist Coco Morier won’t have none of that. Bouncing off the momentum of her recent release “Perfect People,” Coco teamed up (...)
DENM tells life on SoCal's rough side, finally making the music he wants to make on "Blow It Up." And from the sounds of it ... it has the resonance of an instant classic. DENM tells life on SoCal's rough side, finally making the music he (...)
We’re whipping up some zesty fresh indie pop songs that will cool you off or heat you up, depending on how you dance to it. By marrying some RnB tunes with bops that make you swing to the right and swing to the left, the following 10 songs will (...)
With all the talk of Hot Girl Summer and Christian Girl Autumn, little if any attention has been given to the ageless Sad Girl Summer (SGS). That’s all about to change thanks to “SICK”, the latest collaboration from Aussie (...)
There’s an incalculable amount of music and art about being miserable because someone doesn’t like you. But on her brilliant new single “Crushing”, TRACE explores what it’s like to make someone miserable 'cause (...)