Best New Indie Pop

As I slowly eat myself into a sugar coma join me as we dive into a playlist that will prove to be the most exciting thing you’ve heard all week. For those with a sugar hangover, this playlist will cure you right up, and if all else fails, don’t fight the sweats and play the songs below loud enough so that your roommates don’t hear you hurling.
Even though We Are The Guard are just taking notice of Tom Tripp, we can't help but be reminded of yesteryear when we listened to the focus track of his Red EP, Stand. If we want to get really specific, it reminds us of Michael Jackson's Bad era.
Aisha Badru’s Bridges is a glowing, gorgeous, emotional testament to sticking through the rough times. 2017 is a big year for Aisha Badru, with Bridges following quickly behind her excellent Mind On Fire single from earlier this year.
Fetty’s dropped under the radar since the 2015 release of his debut album, but he's back with his signature vocals that can make doves cry. Check out LA electronic trio Cheat Codes’ new single, Feels Great featuring Fetty and CVBZ), and listen to why I’m booking Fetty as my wedding singer.
Danceable beats and catchy hooks make the cramping of my fingers all worthwhile. So join me, join us here at We Are The Guard as we jump straight into this week’s edition of the Best in Indie Pop.
Put some pep back in your step with this newly-released track from KNGDAVD called Blood on Our Hands, a really delightful song that is highly recommended by Ken (that's me) from We Are The Guard. You will love it. No money back, guaranteed!
Finally, Meadowlark released their newest cover of Francis and the Lights song May I Have This Dance that really puts us in the mood for some pumpkin spice and turkey with ample stuffing. It's time for love and angst for my favorite seasons.
Sasha Ortiz is Kissy, a new singer-slash-producer. You may not have heard of Kissy before, but it's possible you've seen her perform--she's played backup to the likes of The Kills. Electric Dreams sounds just like the title -- dreamy pop punctuated by electric vibrations.
Today’s playlist is one that you’ll want to carry with you anywhere and everywhere you go. Play it in the shower, play it in class, or in the car, and be sure you have it handy for an emergency.