Siobhan Sainte - Burn It Down

Love is war in Wellington, NZ’s Siobhan Sainte’s “Burn It Down”!

Heartbreak is one of the classic themes for pop music. For all of life, really. It happens, and the almost surreal rawness that comes with being betrayed by someone you love, or just the pure grief of watching love wither, leaves us feeling ragged, nearly tripping with the endorphins and cognitive dissonance. Heartbreak can bring out the worst in us, but it can also make for the best art, like we hear in Siobhan Sainte’s “Burn It Down.”



The Wellington, NZ singer/songwriter is short on details on what exactly the heck went down with whomever she’s singing too, with her angelic croon, but whatever it was, it can’t be good.

“I was over taken by your pride / burn it down
exposed the white of your hollow eyes / burn it down
left ya picking up pieces of your lies / burn it down
fists are clenched your face still in the skies / burn it down,” she sings over a heavy crunching backbeat and weightless bass synths, bringing the post-dubstep bassweight with nary a wobble in sight. The production is the clearest illustration of the seductive joy that is “Burn It Down”. Working in styles and subject matter than have a tendency to bring out the melodramatic in folks, Sainte never succumbs to shrill histrionics. This is more Aphex Twin “Avril the 14th” then Avril Lavigne. It’s the perfect lovelorn heartbreak anthem for those not ready to enter the jilted housewife stage of Adele’s “Hello.” After all, how long has it been since you called someone on a flip phone?”

The beats are strong and powerful, the bass deep and smooth, while Siobhan Sainte’s soulful vocals dance with shadows down a funhouse mirror tunnel, as she layers and twists her vocals into all manner of curious shapes, painting with tones and sounds to create one of this year’s best heartbroken love songs. Take as needed for pain, for losing yourself on the dancefloor, or for long, reflective night time drives or walks.

We Are: The Guard recommend, better to burn it down and be real than wallow in misery and delusions.


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