St. Vincent - New York

As a writer on We Are: The Guard, I have gotten to review some great music over the last few months, but none has drummed up more excitement than the newest track from St. Vincent named "New York." Was it worth the wait?



It has been quite a while since St. Vincent’s self-titled album that netted her a must-deserved Grammy. The subsequent years has been a rather quiet period for the lady known as Annie Clark. As she dropped her latest song, New York, there is an anticipated album probably in the works. As listeners, we are forced to be patient with the artist’s process, but the wait is unbearable.

Embodying this entire situation, New York has a slow and gradual build. Backed by an acoustic set and backup vocals that picks up steam as the track motors along, St. Vincent delivers a short, bittersweet tale about losing someone when a relationship goes South. Barely lasting two-and-a-half minutes, the story is properly paced and concise, at the same time. After the song is done, we are left contemplating the pleasant memories of love rather than that painful regret. Time is not wasted. As painful as some moments are, it was all worth it. This is the message that comes across quite clearly in New York.

Can St. Vincent repeat the critical acclaim of her last album? Only time will tell. If New York is any indication, there might be something special down the pipeline very soon.