Employing the intoxicating vocals of Casey Cook and a free-flowing musical composition, LA-based producer Tyzo Bloom has formulated a sleeper-hit with his latest song, "Tip Toe." We Are: The Guard proudly presents another high-quality review of latest tracks from around the globe.



Tyzo Bloom, the pseudonym of mid-20s LA producer/songwriter Casey Chen, enlists the help of another Los Angeles Casey for this easily-lovable track. Brimming with chimes from what sounds like a digital xylophone, "Tip Toe" is a feast for the ears that is as playful as it is catchy. Besides the percussion, Cook’s vocals construct an atmosphere filled with dreaminess and surreal sense of calm that is the aural version of the chill pill. If death metal gets you amped, this would surely do the exact opposite. Like the other tracks in his library, it is difficult not to feel relaxed after listening to it. Ethereal might be the correct word to describe it. The only surprising omission is the lack of his go-to vocalist, JNNA, but Cook more than makes up for the absence.

The name of Tyzo Bloom is getting around the best of indie music websites, and for good reason. With our overstimulated lifestyles filled with double shots of expresso, trendy energy drinks, and instant gratification, "Tip Toe" provides that three-minute exit from daily reality into the realm of chill. It is like a relaxing shower. Rinse, lather, and repeat.