Best Indie Videos | 10 Top Vids! (Week 23) 2013


This weeks best indie videos includes an end-all, be-all challenge to Sir Mix-a-Lot's big-butt throne, a demonic space-jam preacher, the evolution of the Golden God and so much more studs week 23 in the year's finest rally of the best vids on the internet store we'd like to call BitCandy.  Start viewing (3D glasses not required)


Vampire Weekend - 'Diane Young'

Balaclavas, saxophone steamrollers, bird flips, graffiti - Diane Young just can't be pleased. Buzzkillin' bitch.

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Midnight Juggernauts - 'Memorium'

The evolution of CGI brought to you by the knights of noir dance, complete with a digital cameo from the band and an Arthur M. Schlesinger quote that pretty much explains why humans will forever be masters to the romantics of machines.


Major Lazer - 'Bubble Butt'

Well Sir Mix-a-Lot, today is the day you must resign your butt-loving crown. There's a new generation in town, and they're damn frightening.


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Disclosure - 'When a Fire Starts to Burn'

And here we thought this was going to be a Cutco sales pitch. Or possibly vacuum cleaners. Demonic space-jam preacher be damned! Who brought the damn snake?


Banks - 'Warm Water'

She's no female D'Angelo, but - John Lennon "Girl" breath - show us to the body of warm water where you hold court, Banks. We are hypnotized.


Mr. Oizo - 'Kirk'

Follow us back to 1997, when analogue media was still king, and the making of films were just as rad as the films themselves, however unconvincing this serial killer is.


Zomby - 'With Love'

Much like David Lynch mastered, there is always, forever, a dark side to everything beautiful and new, even babies, even babies. However, this narrative is so wrapped up in layers it could be an onion.


Mount Kimbie - 'Made to Stray'

Picture Jack Kerouac rambling some transcendental go-isms to Andy Warhol mid-paint while Four Tet mans the beats and bliss out brother, and stray.


Drenge - 'Backwaters'

Teenagers, man, always abusing their freedoms. Drunk, destructive and car-less is no way to go through life, kids. Unless you like to destroy shit for a living. Then by all means.


Para One - 'Every Little Thing ft. Cam'ron'

Sweet America tights, dudette. Should've complimented those America tights, dude, the 'Say Anything' trick is played out. Flowers, on the other hand - timeless.


Bames - 'DRTY BWTY'

The evolution of the Golden God is incomprehensible without a good flexing session.


Joe Goddard ft. Mara Carlyle - 'She Burns'

Embalming is forever creepy. Even when your corpse looks like Zooey Deschanel. And especially with some asshole putting pantyhose over his head, making a mockery of the still state. This is why ghosts are real, and haunt.


The xx - 'Fiction'

In which The xx children of the new contemplated folk state make it to LA, wander off into the desert, and turn into a walking vision of Brett Easton Ellis' 'Less Than Zero'.


So, what kind of elixir was on the other end of that butt plug wire that made those 'Bubble Butt' girls an unholy form of badonkadonk?  Any thoughts.  Please leave any recipes below...cuz i gotta get that for ma gurl.