Best New Indie of the Week

Hey! It’s our latest installment of Indie Weekly Latest Music Tracks.  We’ve listened to over a couple hundred crappy shoegazey, bros in bedrooms, linear jangles, esoteric meandering song so you don’t have to!  We’ve filtered up our 10 or so picks of indie songs that are actually (holy shit!) actual songs with melodies!  Here’s our favorites of the week along with a couple new artists to tip you in to.   


The Flaming Lips with Bon Iver - Ashes in the Air

The Flaming Lips to me are like...well, sometimes their songs are the best of the best...and sometimes the worst of the worst totally in the wtf am I listening to and what planet are these guys from?  But this is the best of the best.  Now give me a loosened bow tie and big hair so I can rock the Wayne look.  


Emily Wells - Symphony 1 in the Barrel of a Gun

Y’all need to keep an eye on this girl and her bad ass violin loops.  This is not new...but it’s great.  And at least up til a few hours ago it was new to me


Jack White - “Sixteen Saltines”

Really, is this song what I think it might be about.  Sixteen guys in a circle with one saltine?  Probably not (not that I think those thoughts...but just sayin...)  While this track has been out for a moment I wanted to highlight this video...cuz c’mon...who watches TV anymore.  Despite not having amazing tits...Jack White delivers a solid new album.  


Dirty Projectors - “Gun Has No Trigger”

I don’t care wtf Rolling Stone says about this song (really, do people care about them any way?)  I like this one from the DP quite a bit.   


Twinsy - Water Bombs

We just featured Twinsy in our latest New Finds can read it here.   They are from Australia so you have to wonder what their great grandparents did to get them on the penal colony.  That’s right I said penal.


Kyson - Company For us

Ambient chill sounds from Berlin.


Active Child - Hanging On (GRVRBBRS Remix)

Um, when is Active Child going to be a global supestar?  Ok, probably never but it’s the thought that counts.   


Siouxsie and the Banshees- Kiss Them For Me (School of Seven Bells Cover)

OMG Siouxsie is here to punch it up with a School of Seven Bells cover.  She’s got so much cred it’s mythical.


Hope this Best of Indie installment will help you get through Monday..Bookmark for all the Latest Music Tracks!  

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