Wolfe de MCHLS - Supreme

Disjointed instrumentals and autotuned rhymes. This is the calling card of Houston-based rapper Wolfe de MCHLS performed to perfection in his newest track, "Supreme." We Are: The Guard gets on the level to this Lo-Fi hip-hop doozy.



Familiar in the production milieu, Wolfe de MCHLS goes on the mic to deliver understated and autotuned hooks to beats that can only be described as disjointed or purposely incoherent. It’s like a feeling one goes through after a cough syrup binge (do not try at home). As modest and direct as his rap verses are, the background is in a state of flux, swirling back and forth, up and down, never settling in one place. Distracting? Maybe. But as an experimental track that is vastly different than what is populating the current hip-hop landscape, "Supreme" is loaded with character and insanity.

Not many rappers talk about rolling up in a Tesla, but Wolfe de MCHLS goes there. The beat is hypnotic and unsettling. There is a sense of dread in the back of your head when listening to it. As it devolves into the final twenty-seconds, the electronic voice sounds like it came from someone talking to you during a drug-filled episode. Perhaps, this was the entire point of the track. We are all listening to a drug trip, personified in a nifty hip-hop song. If that is the case, Wolfe de MCHLS has a knack for mixing the conventional rhymes with outlandish beats. Certainly, worth a listen.