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Summer has finally arrived, but we all know that we can't get the party started without music! Lucky for you guys, the team and I have been busy as ever working our way through the blogosphere in search of all of the freshest indie tunes (...)
What's up, kiddos?! Thanks for joining me for the latest edition of We Are: The Guard's Best Indie Songs! One week and 18 hours worth of leaked OK Computer MiniDiscs later (I never want to listen to Radiohead again in my life), it's SO good to (...)
Did anyone else genuinely tear up at the announcement of the death of iTunes?! No word of a lie, fam – some of my best years were spent obsessively organizing my iTunes library. It's legitimately sad to think that kids nowadays will never (...)
Summer has arrived, festival season is in full swing (who here went to Governors Ball over the weekend?!), and the music simply keeps on coming! No, really – it's been an incredible seven days for indie, with seemingly everyone who's anyone (...)
It's Memorial Day, you have the day off work, and you're about to fire up the grill for the first time in close to a year. The last thing that you want to do today is read a long-ass introduction, so I'll be sure to keep this one short. Just don't forget (...)
Now that Game of Thrones has put us out of our misery, it feels like we can *finally* start getting our lives back on track. And what better way to return to reality after all of these months 'n' years than with the latest edition of We Are: The Guard's New (...)
Hello, everyone, and welcome to yet another edition of We Are: The Guard's Top Indie Songs! While you were watching a movie about an electricity-storing rodent with world-class investigative skills and the voice of Ryan Reynolds over the (...)
Hello, everyone, and thanks for joining me for the latest edition of We Are: The Guard's Best Indie Songs! That's right, it's time to take your shiny new limited edition vinyl copy of Father of the Bride off the turntable, as the team (...)
It's been an incredible year for indie music so far. No, really, if you'd have told me in January that, within four months, we'd have new shit from Vampire Weekend, James Blake, Grimes, The National, and Tame Impala, to name but a (...)
Coachella (or as we're hereby dubbing it, #ASSCHELLA) may be over for another year, but don't be too sad because festival season is only just getting started, baby! Six straight months of live music and good times? BRING IT ON! Before (...)
Even when it seems the world is caving in we refuse to let the bad times overshadow the good. But as we go through the not so pretty things music can help us cope. This past week our dear Jess lost a loved one. We (...)
HAPPY COACHELLA WEEK, BABY! That's right – it's that time of the year when basics the world over descend upon the California desert for three days of music, sun, and casual cultural appropriation. Before all of that, however, We Are: The Guard is back this Monday morning with yet another edition of Best Indie Songs.
Hello, everyone! How was your weekend?! Did you spend it spinning the new Billie Eilish album?! It's pretty damn good, right?! Billie isn't the only artist who the team and I have had on heavy rotation over the last seven days, however!