Best New Indie

Happy Monday, everyone! How are you?! How was your weekend?! Have you learned how to pronounce X Æ A-12 yet?! I'm still disappointed they never went with Rococo Basilisk, but when you think about it – it's really (...)
On the newest single from her upcoming Kick i album, beat wizard Arca returns with "Nonbinary," exploring her inward journey around gender. To say that gender and sexuality are confusing in 2020 is to put it mildly (...)
May the Fourth be with you, everybody! Ooh, so, here's some exciting news: According to Elon Musk, Grimes is due to give birth today! If this isn't the most perfect day for our Intergalactic Queen to (...)
Hi, hipsters and hipsterettes! How are we all doing on this 8,938,983rd day of lockdown? Not bathing in any pools of Clorox or swallowing any UV light bulbs, I hope? GOOD TO HEAR IT! Anyways, while the rest of the world (...)
There is something surreal and dizzying at the heart of “Window”, the newest single from Still Woozy, the moniker of artist Sven Gamsky. The track exists somewhere between a daydream and a fantasy world (...)