Best New Indie

Penned by Swedish two-hit-wonders, Yello, "Oh Yeah" failed to chart upon its initial release in 1985, only becoming a smash after John Hughes hand picked the vocoded track for the legendary Ferris Bueller soundtrack.
LA production duo, Dust Brothers, wrote Fight Club a ground breaking EDM score quite unlike anything cinema had heard before. Today's Candy, "This Is Your Life," ended up on the movie's cutting room floor, but The Guard have managed to rescue the track from 90s obscurity and deliver it to you below.
In 2004, NY electro trio, Le Tigre, dropped the zippy "Viz." Taken from 2004's This Island, this lesbianism anthem, penned by indie feminist/facial hair icon, JD Samson, is all about breaking free from prejudice and werkin' sexual preferences with pride.
Best of Indie Week 4, comin' at ya, like a tiger, with a bad attitude and an empty belly. Seven exquisite indie tracks, hand picked from only the best corners of the blogosphere by your favorite LA Music Blog, The Guard. Includes selections from Sleigh Bells, Santigold, Crim3s, Andrew Bird, SBTRKT, and more.
I'm fully aware that the trying to defend Mac Miller is probably the worst possible way I can introduce myself to the The Guard community. Just a few months ago his debut album was vehemently dismissed here, and in every other corner of the 'tastemaker' universe. And really it should have been....
In 1997, British big beat duo, Propellerheads, dropped the wicked "Spybreak!" and thus provided a whole generation of pro-ninjas/undercover agents/virtual reality compute
Anyone paying attention to music these past few years knows just how diversely talented Sonny Moore is. But did you also know that he's an accomplished cook?
Sugar Hill Gang were one of the first to sample The Incredible Bongo Band's version of Jerry Lordan's "Apache," a version which has since gone on to become a hip-hop sample mainstay. 1981's "Jump On It" is a classic slice of 8-ts cheese-rap.
Hitler reacts to Lana Del Rey's Saturday Night Live bomb. Check out the parody video as well as the actual footage of the Lana Del Rey's live SNL performance here.
Welcome to 2012, music fans! Enjoy eight scrumptious slices of indie music, hand-picked by The Guard, including selections by J Mascis, Holy Ghost!, Tim Hecker, Nicolas Jaar, and Silver Swans.