Anderson .Paak - Bubblin

I’m not going to waste your time telling you about Anderson .Paak as I already know that you know and love his work. He’s the poster boy for positive hip-hop and he’s got more quality jams than Smuckers. If you don’t know Anderson .Paak, lie. Tell me and everyone else in the world that you’ve liked him since day one and immediately go back and listen to every single one of his tracks. There’s not that many of them, and they’re all great.

“Bubblin”, his newest single dropped in May, but I’m so much more interested in this remix featuring Mr. “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See” himself, Busta Rhymes.

A remix, with a verse from Busta Rhymes was once the sign-off that hungry rappers would literally kill each other Hunger Games style for. Not Anderson .Paak though. In his already exceptionally established career, he hardly even needs the rep. Paak has been fortifying himself as one of the forefront talents in the game, and this head nod from Busta, is nothing but. A head nod. Talent recognizing talent. Real recognizing real.



With mumble/backpack/party rap marketing to completely different audiences, Anderson .Paak is on the sidelines of something else entirely. Busta is a throwback feature, showing old folks like myself, always complaining that hip-hop’s not what it used to be, what a treasure we’ve got out there for our listening pleasure. Anderson .Paak is the realness.

Busta Rhymes spits his best verse in what feels like forever, topping even his appearances on Tribe Called Quest’s We’ve Got it from Here… Thank You 4 Your Service. While the original version is amazing in its own right, with it’s hype drums and Anderson .Paak channelling Kendrick Lamar’s perfectly reasonable and justified anger, Busta serves to ramp up the intensity of the already intense. This team-up from mars rockets this version straight to essential listening. Put it on the tip-top of your “HYPE JAMS” playlist. I’m truly sorry if you were one of the few I called you out earlier for not having given this young upstart a chance. But here’s your opportunity, it’s never too late. Pay attention when the world beckons and give this sucker a listen (or 700) cause hoo-boy is it fire. And I mean fire like three fire emojis, not just one.

Odds are we’ll be hearing this superior version come album release time. Oxnard Ventura (his home town and the title of his third full-length record) has a release date of TBA, but if we all channel hopes and dreams together we just may get to hear Busta Rhymes in all his glory, on the final record. What this all really means is we have whole swarm of new music from the Paakster on its way. New album time is always the best time.

Not a doubt it my mind that it won’t all be this good.


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