If you listen to the rest of BLAISE’s tracks featured on his DAY ONES ONLY Soundcloud page then you’re bound to hear the emergence of a new hip-hop R&B talent, but “Seeing Double” is something different entirely. This is all hook, no rhyme and with sing-songy vocals that feel more like an Indie lullaby than a hip-hop banger. On his twitter BLAISE even dubs it as “this one got some country feels.” 

I don’t know if this is a departure for the artist, or his music is just this multi-faceted. I do know that I love it, so what does it even matter? Good music is good music is good music and “Seeing Double” is good music. This track belongs on playlists of all genres, I guess. Don’t you dare pin BLAISE down, fools gonna do whatever he wants.

Leave it to us at We Are: The Guard to get behind tracks that sound a little different. We do it for you, fam.



With this minimal, chill beat from Imad Royal, “Seeing Double” really does feel like a bliss-out lullaby putting you to sleep at the end of the after party. After a long night at Brownies & Lemonade, come home to the sesh with friends and put this track on. This’ll mellow the squad out for sure. With new songs expected every Tuesday I can’t wait to hear whats next from BLAISE.

See you next week probably lol.


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