This remix needs to be on the cover of magazines.
It needs to win an Academy Award.
Yaeji is destined for music’s very first Nobel Peace Prize.

The original version of “Focus” from Charli XCX, just released this past June, is a piece of bubble-gum pop perfection with a twittering beat from A.G. Cook and bouncy Swedish production duo Jack & Coke. Its auto-tuned high notes add an odd level of fun and honesty, and it’s got the kind of infectious hook that reminds you of the plague (but in a good way). Charli’s voice is the kind we could hear for the next 4000 years and never ever get sick of. While the Katy’s and the Beyonce’s and the Rihanna’s of the world all tour stadiums we have to wonder why Charli isn’t bigger than all of them combined (and then doubled for good measure). She’s the right kind of weird, the right kind of bad girl, and a hell of a songwriter. Plus she’s got a great ear and works with only the best (Cook, SOPHIE, Oizo).

And that is where Yaeji comes in. 



Yaeji might be one of the most iconic names in dance music right now, with her muted warehouse ready techno beats and unique/magical vocal stylings that come together to form this whole amazing package of otherworldliness. Her sound should (and probably does) make every other singer/producer out there feel the intense need to up their game. 

She turns the chorus of Charli XCX’s original into a hook that really carries this bouncing beat along, with her own vocals serving mostly for background duty. Yaeji’s subtle singing underneath the track adds a level of depth while overall highlighting Charli’s voice in the process. Yaeji cuts out the auto-tune and let’s her gorgeous voice do the work instead.

We can just imagine bobbing our heads and shuffling our feet to this one, somewhere dark, somewhere crowded, somewhere sweaty. Yaeji made this one club-ready by upping the bass exponentially and letting her more experimental and wobbly production flairs shine. She’s a wizard and can literally (and figuratively) do no wrong. The Godmode signed artist is poised to be dance music’s next big thing. Nice to see her playing around with the pop game for a second and not just heading off exclusively to the weirder side of pop/dance/idm/house/amazingness.

Is this her intro to the big time? 

In October and November Yaeji will be trekking across the US for a fourteen date tour, hitting the west coast, northeast and midwest. Make sure to check her out if she hits your city.

Charli XCX continues to be a goddamn icon and don’t you forget about it.


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