Eden - Wings

What EDEN lacks in polish, he more than enough makes up for with authenticity. This Dublin, Ireland singer/songwriter makes, writes and produces his own anthems of emotive glory. His unique soulful crooning, backed by chill-out beats and guitar riffs, has the kind of heaviness that makes your cry when you’re alone and sing at the top of lungs when with friends. EDEN doesn’t have much in common with his contemporaries, casually linking genres of indie/emo and beats/chill-out like its nbd (no big deal). This isn’t some trite formula meant to make easy money, but rather a man on a microphone with a guitar in hands and a production suite behind him making the only music he knows how. EDEN (formerly The Eden Project) has got quite a beautiful thing on his hands. One that if I have anything to say about it will be around for a long time.



“wings” is the latest single from EDEN’s impressive full-length debut, Vertigo. It’s got programmed drum-machines and static-inducing synth lines that you can get lost in melded perfectly with acoustic guitar melodies and heartfelt vocals that will tear you apart (if you let them). While the other singles on the album have their own merit, he’s finally chosen one that he can truly stand out with. “wings” has lo-fi vocal breakdowns and Coldplay level hooks at the same damn time. Couldn’t be better timing either as he’s about to embark on his first major world tour. Starting March 1st you can catch him somewhere (relatively) near you (as long as near you is America or Europe). But to be completely honest, you might have already slept too long on him, as most of the dates are already sold out and you’ll probably have to buy secondhand through a scalper on Stubhub. Sheesh. Worth it.

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