This band is _________?

A. Great
B. Good
C. Fine
D. Ok
E. None of the Above

The correct answer to this pop quiz (hot-shot) is E: None of the Above. Huh? Why? Well, I can say with utter certainty that Great Good Fine Ok are significantly more impressive than any of the words in their name would lead you to believe. I’d even call them Excellent Fantastic Dope Sick if it were up to me. Though that just doesn’t come off the tongue the same way, does it? Let’s just leave them where they’re at. They’ve got something memorable going on and I wouldn’t want to ruin that with any of my stupid ideas. Plus changing names is a terrible career trajectory. 

Do you remember the first time you heard Bruno Mars? Justin Timberlake (solo, not with N*Sync, come on we all know where we were then, sitting in front of our computers watching Total Request Live)? How about Great Good Fine Ok? But, that’s right now?! Yeah, exactly.

What we’ve got here is the kind of pop style and songwriting strength (AND these guys make and write all their own tunes) that only comes around maybe ten times in a lifetime, tops. The Brooklyn based synth-pop duo of Jon Sandler and Luke Moellman have got every single box checked off. Funky? - CHECK. Catchy? - CHECK. Sexy? - CHECK. Endlessly Replayable? - CHECK. They are possibly the popstar saviors that we need, with bright sunny dispositions and songs about lost love and the nights we’ll never forget that help make like life a little less dark. 



“Easy” is tropical disco vibes, with a deep bass line that’s got equal parts funk and hook working overtime to produce a really special kind of magic. Sandler’s sultry, smooth popstar voice should have people from coast to coast swooning majorly, begging for him to just look them in the eyes during live shows. Love at first stage show. Great Good Fine Ok have really put together a song that will help push them past HypeMachine and onto some serious Sirius XM play. #1HIT EXPRESS. All aboard!

This past summer the duo (+ a live drummer, guitarist, silk kimonos, and a laser light show) found themselves playing at both Bonnaroo and Comedy Central’s Clusterfest in San Francisco. The boys are finally breaking out of Brooklyn (+ the internet) and starting to tackle the whole goddamn country. What’s next for these new icons? Probably world domination. Definitely a massive festival tour in 2019. Maybe even adding Excellent to the start of their name? 

Excellent Great Good Fine Ok -- that’s better. 


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