Massive Tame Impala vibes on this new track from The Internet, which was not a sentence I would have pictured myself typing in a million, billon years. Well I mean actually, if you consider the name of the band in its regular usage (ala the Internet that we use every day and basically lives in our pocket and we couldn’t live without), it’s a sentence you could find yourself saying quite often, even regularly, so nevermind.

What we’ve got here is the formerly Odd Future connected R&B soul quartet breaking right out of whatever box you thought they belonged in. Up until now The Internet were known mostly for their smooth sexy soul songs with Syd leading the charge, but this is certainly unlike anything we’ve heard from them thus far. With “Roll (Burbank Funk),” Syd is placed on the sidelines and contributes mostly as the band’s backup singer, with Steve Lacy leading vocals and a funky bassline that would make George Clinton and Bootsy Collins shriek with excitement (but then again what wouldn’t?) on display front and center. This is a picture perfect blending of that psychedelic P. Funk sound right into The Internet’s already smooth soul, bringing it all into the 22nd Century. So future you didn’t even know it was right now.

It’s a travesty that such a bomb tune is hidden behind the paywall at every single one of America’s favorite music streaming services. So I’ve linked them all in hopes that you have subscription to at least one and can dig in as you see appropriate. Pick whichever link speaks directly to your bank account and take a listen to the soulful smooth seventies psych jam that you didn’t even know you needed. BECAUSE THIS ONE NEEDS TO BE HEARD RIGHT NOW before this is this summer’s “Redbone” and you’re like “aw man, I missed it before it was cool AGAIN?”

Or just take a gander at The Internet’s trippy music video for FREE at society’s great equalizer: YouTube! (where you can be absolutely horrendous in the comments section and there will be absolutely zero repercussions for your actions)! It’s got cameos from Dev Hynes, Tyler the Creater, Mac DeMarco, Thundercat, and Kamasi Washington— a who’s who of who you want vetting your future funk track, that’s for sure. That right there would be more than enough for me to give this one a listen.



Maybe “Roll (Burbank Funk)” is the emergence of The Internet as as fully formed band in its own right and not just a side project of Syd’s like you’d been cattily calling it for years. Get over yourself and give this a listen 'cause this is the best jam I’ve heard all day and I’ve literally listened to 712 jams today.


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