I mean I was already a bit of a Jon Hopkins fanboy going into this track, so if you’re not into fanboys talking about things they love than maybe you should just turn away now. But don’t because then you’d miss out on some of the greatest art (full stop) of 2018, and maybe some of the best outsider dance music of all time. And it would be so pointless to have made it this far and not even give it a shot. I mean, you’re here. What could it hurt? Plug in those earphones baby and let those beautiful tones wash over you like you’re trapped in a digital etherworld. But like a meditative kind and not a terrifying one, where sure maybe there a couple of moments where you’re like ‘what the fuck is going on?!’ but mostly you’re like ‘oh man this is relaxing to both my brain and my body…’ Jon Hopkins is that overtly challenging experimental ambient act that all your hip friends, who used to read blogs whose names your can’t even remember but now have their own private music sharing groups that you’re not invited to, used talk incessantly about until they got bored and frustrated of you ignoring them and don’t bother anymore. Now it’s my turn! Listen! Love! Lounge in the lavish listening experience that is Jon Hopkins. You only get to hear a track this amazing for the first time once.





Jon Hopkins got his start playing keys for Imogen Heap, before contributing to work with Brian Eno and Coldplay and eventually diversifying into a very well respected solo career of his own. His 2013 album Immunity (the one that got me tuned in and turned on) and 2011 collaboration with King Creosote (never heard, time to listen!) were both nominated for the esteemed Mercury Prize. His music has also been carefully honored with remixes from Four Tet, Nosaj Thing and Moderat.

So he’s basically got about as much cred in the IDM scene as you could ever possibly imagine.

“Emerald Rush” is Hopkins’ first new material since Immunity, and the world first collectively went “woah” five years ago. It’s the lead single off of his fifth studio album, Singularity, to be released on Domino at the beginning of May. If this album doesn’t skyrocket him out of my headphones and into otherworldly realms, where he’s playing live in front of thousands of people like the headliner he basically already is, but I’m not sure he gets the credit for over here in America than I blame you and your not listening ways.


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