CAUTION: There is an Alvin & The Chipmunks-esque high-pitch speediness to the beginning of this track that requires you to come prepared with at least a modicum of hype to effectively enjoy this incredibly interesting tune. It’s not that it’s bad at all, it’s just that I want to make sure to give you fair warning if you’re tired or hungover or cranky. Because when this one starts off, it STARTS.

Don’t worry, it chills out. And doesn’t really stay completely Chipmunky either. By the fourth or fifth listen the moment that shocked me at first shrinks into the back of the song and becomes a really fascinating production flourish. The track starts with a bang like an espresso shot injected straight into your brain of Alvin trying to beatbox while tripping on acid. 

If anything “People” sounds more like a long lost track off the first MGMT record (before they accidentally got lost in their own weirdness). Another neo-psych indie-pop revival? Sign us up!

“People” features guest vocals from Adele Kosman, who as far as I’m concerned, should probably just the band permanently, because this is WORKING > How about you give it a listen for yourself and you be the judge.



I was unable to find very much information about this band because when I google searched “Lines - People” all it did was return images of people waiting in lines. I appreciate this band’s attempt at internet anonymity through their extremely challenging Googleability.

The Swedish dance-pop trio has an almost industrial heaviness to their psychedelic spaciness in a way that can only be categorized as special. “This is for the people we love: turn on, tune in, drop out” is the exact kind of message I can get behind. Lines are using these vocals to prove their true psychedelic roots a la this classic Timothy Leary quote. “People” is anthemic, shouting out to all the people of the universe (doesn’t matter race, creed, sexual orientation, country.. duh) to try and make this collective world of ours better place. We’ve sure got work to do and Lines knows it. Posi-Political. Of course, Lines doesn’t have anything to do themselves, as they’re already perfect. Clearly. Maybe this is the song we need. The kind that can change the world, can inspire hope and joy in thousands of teenage boys and girls that step up to start the love revolution.  Who knows, here’s hoping.  I’m waiting.  

Their single before this was “We Will Never Rule the World.” Ironic, huh? Because after a release as universally staggering as “People” I think that they just might. Can’t wait to find out! 


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