Normally when I’m reviewing a song, there’s like one or two things happening and it’s easy to write about because I can say something like, “this indie rock tune has got some bite to its lyrics” or “this neo-soul song has got a funky bassline” but I can’t here because this Kitsune Hot Stream track has more going on than your average Soundcloud jam and sure it’s messing up my life, but it’s also making it better because this song is wonderful and I’m glad to be able to share it with you.



Top 10 Things My Body’s ‘Hot Like The Room” has going for it… DRUMROLL PLEASE.

10. Industrial Drums that Trent Reznor would scoff at but also say “not bad” in private, with friends

9. Experimental Synth Breakdowns that are straight up SHOCKING for this kind of indie-dance track.

8. CHVRCHES-esque pop-hook filled lyrics that warrant more replay that your VHS copy of Titanic.

7. Vocal similarities to Aimee Mann that I can’t unhear, but the most important thing here is that singer Jordan Bagnall has a voice that doesn’t sound like EVERYBODY ELSE and is unique and beautiful and worth listening to for once.

6. The Kitsune seal of approval.

5. A dark, funky bassline with a full sounding production that warrants thirty artists to hop on the remix duties. *coughOLIVERcough*


3. I’m really running out of steam here, maybe I’ve bitten off more than I can chew…

2. TWO members of the band!

1. Are David Letterman Top Ten Lists relevant because he has that new Netflix show, or am I showing my age by referencing a bit that hasn’t been on TV for three years?

The Portland Oregon duo released their five song EP Seven Wives on Bandcamp in late January, and they’re already dropping a new single for your listening pleasure? “My Body” is a stunning follow-up to the band’s already destructively haunting oeuvre. These two have got a blending of sounds that shouldn’t work and yet absolutely does. That’s the magic, baby. Mixing noise with beauty to create something so new it’s like these tracks were released in 2019 and not 2018. Can’t wait to hear what’s next.


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