So story has it that Nasaya and Myra, both students of Berklee College of Music, were just mucking around one snowy Saturday afternoon and this track was born. It comes straight out of the frozen depths of their souls and the even icier depths of the Boston city streets. This track doesn’t sound like two college students just trying shit out and seeing what works, this sounds like the self-assured wisdom of artists that know EXACTLY what they’re doing, that are about to inundate you with more hits than you even know what to do with, that are gonna be around a whole hell of a lot longer than your average two to five hit wonder now-a-days. Plus, I’ve got a special affinity for them because they’re doing it out of Boston, which was my college home base. Just down the street I was pursuing my own dreams and even though my sketch comedy team, the Chucklefucks, didn’t take off doesn’t mean I can’t root for other young artists coming out of the city I grew up in. Go Nasaya! Go Myra! You can do it!



spotify This layered cosmic journey of experimental future bass textures marks the emergence of artists we really truly desperately need to start paying attention to. Is Nasaya the next Flume? Or is he something else fresh and new and exclusively him because he leans on the darker spectrums of human existence. Yeah, probably the second one. His influences range deep into experimental territories with complex sound-design that would make Eprom and Noisia giddy with excitement but enough indie/mainstream sensibilities to keep him out of the “bass stage only” and into the hearts and minds of the whole damn world.

Snow is out now on Majestic Casual and follows up the duo’s equally as interesting single, Milk.

From deep within the murky depths of the Los Angeles River emerged a creature: 50% raver, 50% comedian, 10% Robotcop. Kurt Kroeber doesn’t own a dog, operates Soundbleed (the world’s only dance party comedy talk show rave), and is down to party with you. Come up some time and say “Hey dude!” But definitely make sure to casually drop the secret Illuminati password.