Orkid’s “Sneakers” is pure bubble-gum through and through.

“Sneakers” is made up of ingredients such as Aspartame, BHT, Calcium Casein Peptone, Acesulfame K, and Titanium Dioxide- you know the good stuff. 

It’s oh so sugary and sweet, brightening up your day with a cheery display of good-old-fashioned positive energy like a crystalline layer protecting you from harm. It’s light and airy, with most definitely less than five calories per listen. Look, there’s no harm to be done in chomping down on this to make the time go by or curb your nasty habits. Stop smoking, stop overeating, stop clenching your jaw, stop not eating delicious pieces of sugar! Give this one a couple of plays and maybe even finish the whole pack, why not? Gnaw at a slice or two while you walk around the mall with your friends living, laughing, and loving life. This is the good times you keep hearing about.

We don’t know how bubble-gum is made just like we have no idea how a perfect bubble-gum pop song like “Sneakers” comes into existence.  Stockholm based singer/songwriter Matilda Melin has crafted a song so catchy, digestible and sweet, that come 2078 when aliens come to Earth to see what we were all about, all that will remain is Twinkies, bubble-gum and this track. Pop in your headphones Gorpel and Tringala this one is a jam. 




Sure, this song is fun as hell, pitch-perfect bubble-gum pop that you’ll have on replay for the rest of year.  But the rest of Orkid’s earlier tracks on Spotify show a much different artist. One more tortured by emotion, singing her heart out about wasted relationships, painful memories and stories of love lost.  I’m personally a fan of this new direction for her. Sign me up for some big, fun dance music productions and songs about the happier moments in life. Cheers!

For more like “Sneakers” make sure to check out “Obvious” for a bit more of these bubble-gum good vibes.  If you like her sad side too, then maybe this really is love at first listen. What’s better than treasuring the good with the bad, the gum with the sad.  The whole damn package. 


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