REZZ x 1788-L - H E X


As a person who listens to music on the chiller side of things, that’s the heaviest shit I’ve heard since Skrillex and Boys Noize first teamed up for Dog Blood and the world was like “now that’s how you fucking party.” Will REZZ and 1788-L be the new Dog Blood? Only time will tell. But I’m a firm believer in these two purveyors of weirdness coming together to create more magic for all of us. One thing for sure, is they’ve GOT THE DARKEST PARTY OF ALL TIME ON LOCK.

As a new inductee to the nightmarishly intense electro-dubstep sounds of 1788-L, consider me impressed. I haven’t heard sound design this interesting since—well, Rezz. 1788-L sounds like if Justice were out here trying to make the hardest dubstep humanly possible (and succeeding). Between their Daft Punk, Kraftwerk andVIRTUAL SELF remixes—AND NOW THIS TEAM-UP WITH REZZ— I’d say who ever this is behind 1788-L (isn’t that a Star Wars Bounty Hunter from Shadows of the Empire?) is creating some of the craziest music this side of the Millenium.

Leave it to the #1 Bass Witch/Space Mom in all the land to come-a-hollering after hearing sounds this goddamn intense. She’s like “WHUUUUT IS THAT?” And he/it/she/they is like “Yo, let’s cola.”

H E X is an amazing blend of both of these viciously heavy bass acts into something so unique and astounding that literally the ground will shake with every play. The tectonic plates will shift, triggering the earthquake that will finally end us all. Be careful bass DJs not to overplay this monster, otherwise we’ll just be fast-tracking the destruction of our beautiful planet earth.


REZZ X 1788-L - H E X

This is the tag team match made in hell. In fact if these two had a WWE tag-team they’d be dropping bass bombs and LRADs so viciously that they’d be in the undisputed world-champions of whatever category they happened to be wrestling in. Their opponents would be headbanging too hard to even remember they’re in a fight. I’m not the biggest bass head in the world, but I appreciate interesting sound design and wild production. Here are two artists at the top of their game absolutely crushing something new, unique, fresh, vicious and DESTRUCTIVE. I LOVE IT. THIS GETS THE BASS BLAST SEAL OF APPROVAL. Plus major points for drum & bass on the builds. Clever.

H E X is first official single of Rezz’s second album. Certain Kind of Magic drops 8/3 and after hearing this team-up with the anonymous, dubstep-tech-freak 1788-L we are READY for whole thing. FUCK THE WORLD, LETS SHIFT SOME PLATES.


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