Last time I wrote about San Holo I called him "sad music for fun people."

Well it seems like he most definitely got the message because with his next release, "Brighter Days,” it’s as if he’s challenging that very notion. This isn’t ALL sad-- it’s got happy parts too. This track MUST have been named as the direct result out to our last post’s call out. It’s as if San Holo is subliminally telling us something along the lines of, “I’ll show those jerks at We Are: The Guard what sad music is all about. I’ll show them all.”

While this one ain't all beach days, puppy dog tails, and smiles for miles, it certainly exudes a change of pace towards positivity that San Holo’s other tracks haven't hit on since he first broke into the scene.  “Brighter Days” feels like the kind of track you listen to once you’re just starting to recover from a bad break-up... that moment when you finally get out of bed and look outside for the first time in days. We’ve all been there. She (or He (or They)) broke your heart, but after some deep soul-searching (and maybe a festival or two) it turns out the world keeps turning and might just be some light at the end of the tunnel. That is exactly what songs like this are made for-- to show that other people feel your pain too. Thanks San Holo.



The verse is muted, self-reflective and maybe a bit morose, but it’s got a fun and funky backline that carries it through and never lets the listener get lost in their own sads.

Try to listen to this one to cheer yourself up after a bad day. I guarantee it works. I mean, it did for me today! I’m sure it will for you too. I was having a rough one but after that bright and optimistic drop came in, it all just washed away. I know you won’t be able to help but crack a smile too. 

Of course if we’re talking about brighter days for San Holo’s career--  I don’t even know how that could be possible. His songwriting is hitting that stride. The one where all other producers of a semi-similar sound must seethe with jealousy over.  “HOW DOES HE WRITE SONGS THAT GOOD EVERY GODDAMN TIME?!” Well that’s because he really feels the feels he puts put in his music.  San Holo’s not writing these songs for anyone but himself, needing to let out the raw emotions that must be tearing him up inside. The best music comes from a place of truth, not pandering for plays.

Bipolar Sunshine (whose name couldn’t fit in better this track) adds the perfect happy-sad accompaniment to San Holo’s beat. The best producers know how to find singers out of seemingly nowhere and put them on tracks that are PERFECT for their voice. I’m feeling some major Bipolar Sunshine with this one. 


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