There was once this time where the world heralded around Taylor Swift as the pop star for the masses. Like, she not only appealed to fifteen-year-old girls but also fifty-year-old men and somehow bridged the gap between pop, rock, country, and dance music. Swift callously (or inadvertently) threw this honor away, letting celebrity get to her head and losing complete touch with what made her special (as well as reality). 

We all said bye-bye to our pop princess sometime after “Shake It Off” and tried to move on to what was next. But there wasn’t anything and we were all left with a giant hole in our hearts.

I gues, this is all some sort of roundabout way of asking if Sigrid could possibly be that new replacement? After listening to “Sucker Punch” several times in a row I feel sort of comfortable making the judgment call that Sigrid is the new new. The one we should all be paying attention to, the kind that can bring the world together through a song. She’s got that humble, every girl vibe that appeals to all four quadrants and then some. She may just be the savior of pop music, with the way she blends indie vibes with perfect production and the hottest hooks. This is something that will appeal to my dad, my dog, AND my daughter. Duh!

So, is she the one to take the mantle? Over here at We Are: The Guard we might just be leaning towards a big resounding yes!



Sigrid has hits, but none as significant (imo) as “Sucker Punch.”  Okay, maybe she’s got more significant singles but they’re CERTAINLY not as good and have more to do with circumstance than anything. In 2016 she broke out “Don’t Kill My Vibe,” “Strangers” has gone very gold, very platinum, she was featured on The Justice League soundtrack and her debut album “Raw” dazzles with a series of singles that sound like Joanna Newsom trying on radio-friendly-pop for size. 

Now the Norwegian singer and songwriter has got the kind of single that a massive fanbase can really get behind. Sigheads, we’re going to call ourselves, will spread the word from coast to coast, and then european coast to asian coast. “THIS GIRL NEEDS TO BE THE NEXT POP SUPERSTAR! Move over no one, make way for Sigrid,” we’ll shout to anyone who’ll listen. Might that be you? 


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