Alright Guardians, time to take a break from your usual dose of indie-dance-pop and vibey hip-hop for a bit of brooding shoegaze. I know this is a little off-brand for We Are: The Guard, but I guess that just means you don’t know us as well as you think you do. Great is great is great as far as we’re concerned.

This slow-building piano jam comes from Slowdive, off their self-titled 2017 album. While Slowdive may be a bit older than many of our readers, they’re legends worth your attention, even if you haven’t heard of them. Slowdive were one of the leading pioneers of shoegaze, alongside The Jesus & Mary Chain and Ride. Sure they disappeared for twenty years in the middle there but now they’re BACK making glorious tunes that you’ve just got to hear.

Often when a band disappears for a hiatus that long, they’ll come back as a shell of their former version. That’s definitely not the case here. Slowdive may have just shown up to the party with their most essential album yet. Maybe that’s just the magic behind shoegaze, a genre that rears it’s head every couple of years with a slew of new music that reinvigorates what was a long-thought dormant scene. Whether it be Interpol’s masterwork “Turn on the Bright Lights” re-engaging the genre in the aughts. Or My Bloody Valentine blowing the fucking speakers up at FYF. Or most recently deafhaven injecting it with a bit metal and becoming the critical darlings of the day in the process. Shoegaze ain’t going nowhere.



“Falling Ashes” is dark, moody tune that belongs in headphones in the pitch-black night of a freezing cold winter. With lyrics in the round, and droning monotonous piano that builds to a fever pitch of intensity by the time its done. This is a heartfelt raw expression of emotion that can only come from something so patient in repetition. By the end of this track, if you aren’t thinking about or wallowing in, or worrying about love, then you must be a cold, heartless son-of-a-bitch that didn’t have feelings or at the very least didn’t make it through all eight minutes of this masterpiece.

Put on headphones, gaze at your fucking shoes, and try again. This track is absolutely mesmerizing, implanting ideas in your brain that you never thought you were capable of having. Slowdive have burrowed deep into their own souls for this track, it’s time to open up yours.


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