How can someone possibly be both DJ Mag's producer of the year 2017 and also simultaneously the single most underrated artist of the decade?

Admittedly, San Francisco's Justin Martin is huge amongst ravers and house-heads. But in the grand scheme of the music industry, he is more underrated than The Bad News Bears (at the beginning of the movie, not the sequel where they go to the Little League World Series in Japan). He should be bigger than Disclosure, should have more hits than Calvin Harris, should be the top name on every festival lineup he plays. (This is all good news for me who doesn’t have to $400 per ticket to see one of his shows). 

Martin has been banging out booty shaking jams since before the EDM bubble burst and he’ll continue on well past its death. He is truly the savior of modern dance music. As the co-founder and second in command of the Dirtybird label, he’s definitely already got the respect from those in the know, but I think it’s about time for the whole world to catch up. Martin might truly be the most enjoyable DJ/Producer out there. He mixes records with a permanent smile plastered across his face and makes tunes that don’t sound one single bit like anybody else’s.

If this is your first entry point into the music of this icon, make sure to check out “The Feels,” “Hello Clouds,” “Function,” and “Don’t Go” to get a more full picture of the man that’s bound to be your new favorite.



Martin has a dozen songs that all deserve Nobel Peace prizes.  That being said, he’s never seemed to have any kind of crossover hit. That all changes today with the release of his very own private remix (turned official release) of Strafe’s 1984 release “Set it Off.”

How does a song you’ve potentially never heard before get so insta-stuck in your cerebral cortex? Is it because it’s been sampled by J.Lo, Lil Jon, Monica (especially here) and Fitty Cent? Or maybe does it have juuuust the essential kind of beat/hook that puts it in the history books of best dance tunes of all time?

Doesn’t matter.  Because now, with the Justin Martin release, that is all but a guarantee.

Martin’s version of “Strafe” has the chance to be a literal anthem. I’m not using that word lightly, throwing it around casually amongst friends. I mean like ANTHEM ANTHEM — played at every wedding (cha-cha / electric slide) or sports game (kernkraft 400 / seven nation army) ‘til the end of time (or at least until the music has taken on a fundamentally different concept all-together and we experience it through like our skin or something). This track is bound to be the biggest thing to ever happen in the history of breakbeats since DJ Kool Herc first invented hip-hop or at least since Radiohead released “Idioteque.”

Y’all want this party started right? Or you want it started quickly? Because if you play this one out, it won’t matter. It will start both ways. Immediate AND correct.


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