Arlo - Safe

What’s up, cuties? We Are: The Guard here, coming through with some freshly baked singles hotter than your grandma’s gingerbread cookies. Yeah, I’ve tasted them -- they ain’t sh*t.

Today we’ve got Arlo for you, a UK singer that’s been making a name for himself as of late with his large voice and even bigger pop production. Listen to “Safe” down below: you’ll swear there’s a symphony threatening to come out through your laptop speakers.



youtube“Safe” is a loud, colorful pop song glittered with a roaring, whirling synth at its apex. It sounds like a celebratory song, probably because Arlo is singing (as boisterously as he possibly can) about broken promises and how it’s annoying AF that people can’t keep to their words. You know, like boyfriends… managers… U.S. Presidents...

But Arlo’s vocals shine through like a giant beacon of strobe light. And he’s one of the good guys! Ditch all those lames and flakes you’ve been hanging with that like canceling on you at the last minute and keep better company like Arlo. Arlo sings like a person I want to believe; like a person who offers to be DD all the time, or someone who brings you McDonald’s for lunch from time to time. Arlo can TOTALLY keep me safe.

The UK singer has already hit 100k streams on Spotify with “Safe,” hinting that Arlo could be the real deal. Listen to his other songs from this year like “Refuge” and “Shake the Room” on his Soundcloud.