A veritable who’s who of featured guests that’s so long that we couldn’t even include it in the headline because it would look terrible and we’re all about aesthetic over here at We Are: The Guard. 

Peter Cottontale’s “Forever Always” features heavy hitters such as Chance the Rapper, Daniel Caeser, Rex Orange County, Madison Ryann Ward and Yebba. Which is the most insane list of talent outside of The VMAs. But then again, you’d have to pretty much be insane if you were trying to make it in the music industry and didn’t want to work with Peter CottonTtle. He’s the bossest boss of all the bosses, even if you haven’t heard of him yet. That’s what we’re here for after all. 

Peter is the producer and keyboardist that has been working with Chance the Rapper as music director and producer on all three of his mixtapes and plays with his live Social Experiment band. Peter Cottontale helped orchestrate a lot of your favorite Chance songs and in some small way is probably the reason why Chance the Rapper has become you and your cousin and your aunt’s favorite musician at all. So why the hell wouldn’t Chance give some of that love back? Too busy featuring on DJ Khaled and Hundred Waters tracks? I don’t think so. He knows where comes from and clearly, that’s Chicago because he talks about it a lot. 



Peter Cottontale has assembled this room of up and coming voices into a choir of loveliness. “Forever Always” opens with Peter letting his own voice speak for itself before Chance comes in and steals the show. Sure, we’ve got Daniel, Rex, Madison, and Yebba helping out in the background, working together to give this the fullest sound since Brian Wilson couldn’t quite figure out how to finish Pet Sounds, while Chance seamlessly raps over them all, tying it all together into something magical. 

It’s the keys that make it though. Peter’s piano steals the show with a melody that doesn’t quit and helps ground the commonality behind all these featured voices into something mellow and simple and beautiful. It takes a lot of restraint to have all of this talent, on display and let it blend into something bigger than its parts. This is the sign of a man with patience. A producer who knows how to bang out the best possible tune with what he’s got, and not showboat all of his celebrity friends. 

This is the exact kind of artist whose solo career we should all stop what we’re doing and immediately start paying attention to. So let’s do it, let’s follow him on every social media account and stalk him until he releases his next tune.

The producer steps out of the shadow and becomes the superstar.