Aosoon - I Spy

London duo AOSOON, short for A Lot Of Something Out Of Nothing, is back with their cool new song, “I Spy.”

Marisa Hylton and Manny Folorunso first wormed their way into our hearts in the summer of 2013 with their smooth jam, “Under.” “I Spy,” off the just released Capo 3 EP, sounds like Kavinsky doing folk music. The track uses space and silence to create a dreary, haunting atmosphere. Hilton’s vocals keep things grounded in reality as she repeats, “I wish someone would save me.” You listen to that beautiful voice and think, maybe that could be me. If you’re unfamiliar with the band this track will act as a great introduction into their engaging and unique style.



Capo 3 is out now via the boutique label Goon&Goblin Records.

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