Braids “Miniskirt”

True story about the Braids' best new song, “Miniskirt”: While listening to it for the first time on Soundcloud I started staring out my window and I actually thought the song had changed midway through. You’ll have to listen to the song to understand what I’m talking about, just don’t write this one off too early.

Montreal-based Braids announced their third LP, Deep In The Iris, this week. “Miniskirt” is the album’s lead single. A synth-pop number that’s light on the pop but nonetheless stays stuck in your head, “Miniskirt” is a sadly familiar tale about how being a “liberated woman” isn’t all that great. Calling out the rampant sexism in our society with a blunt fury, vocalist Raphaelle Standell puts her stamp on this track with a slew of memorable lines. My favorite was “'Cause I know some just see my body/ and every girl I know at some point stopped eating/ I am not a man hater, I enjoy them like cake”

Listen to it below:



Deep In The Iris is out April 28th on Arbutus Records.

In closing, we’ll leave you with the powerful lyrics to Braids “Miniskirt”:

it's not like i'm feeling much different
than a woman my age
years ago
liberated is what you wanna call it
how about unfairly choked
cause i know some just see my body
and every girl i know at some point stopped eating
i am not a man hater
i enjoy them like cake
but in my position
i'm the slut
i'm the bitch
i'm the whore
the one you hate
and there's a name for this kind of man
a soft one at that
for us it's just a stamp to the head
for them another notch in the bed
it's like i'm wearing red
and if i am
you feel you've the right to touch me
cause i asked for it
in my little mini skirt
think you can have it
my little mini skirt
it's mine all mine

i know what it's like
to have everything
taken away from me and my family
for there was once a man
proposing to love all of us
instead he is full of hate
towards himself
towards his bait
and everything he touches is for him
my mother's soul he devours with a grin
and when she finds out
the child he has taken
confronts him
stakes him
breaks him
all our boxes on the lawn
woman shelter for 9 months
cross the street to the church
pray confusedly about what hurts
enough to start
a new beginning for us both
i thank you canada
thank you canada

we are all going
never knowing
what we had
until it's gone

it's my little mini skirt
think you can have it
my little mini skirt
it's mine all mine


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