Nashville songstress CAPPA doesn’t have Max Martin’s help, but she’s capable of turning out pop gems as shinning and sparkling as that other blond haired gal from the Music City. “Other Girls” is a bass-and-synth-centric song that makes stealing another girl’s boyfriend instantly danceable and absurdly catchy.

As someone who’s trumped her earlier work, I can honestly say this track is her best to date. Talking about “Other Girls,” Carla Cappa agreed with me: “This is one of the most fun songs I’ve done so far. The lyrics are honest and going after what I want in life and owning that.”

Pop stardom seems to be knocking at the door for Ms. Cappa. Let’s see if “Other Girls” is the cut that finally opens things up for her.



CAPPA is currently having a remix contest for “Other Girls.” You can grab the stems here. If someone wants to go ahead and forward those to Flume, me and everyone else who likes music would really appreciate it.


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