DENM - Under Pressure

We’ve detailed previously how DEMN is the type of artist who’s got zero f**ks to give. So we can safely assume our dude could care less that most people are going to be listening to this song and thinking about David Bowie’s seminal classic (and/or the strange feelings Ziggy Stardust forces us to reckon with). Rather than catering to your pre-conceived notions and biases, he lets the song speak for himself. And boy does it say a lot.

Much like his debut single “Lit” (now available for streaming on Spotify, fyi), “Under Pressure” mines the depths of alt R&B by mixing together a dozen or so contemporary genres into a single, inalienable jam. Woozy and gloomy, the melancholy dance number feels like the perfect soundtrack for youth disillusioned by the extravagant beauty and wealth of the American Riviera (DEMN is from Santa Barbara. Also, in case it wasn’t inherently obvious: People refer to Santa Barbara as “The American Riviera”). DEMN has described the atmosphere as “a little town that makes a lot of noise,” which is a perfect description for his music, especially “Under Pressure.”

Seats on the DEMN bandwagon are filling up fast. Listen below and find out why.



Can’t wait to hear more from DEMN, but judging by what we know about this dude he’s likely to slow roll us. At least now I have two songs to listen to on loop.


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